HR & GA Assistant Manager

Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

Job Description:

1. Boosting and motivate team in pursuing accomplishment in project and providing general service with fine quality.

2. Share the responsibility to monitor all HRGA team daily activity and project progress.

3. Maintain correspondences inter-department to ensure that HRGA services delivered in fine ways. 

4. Facilitates HRGA program and initiatives with related department to make sure that the program and initiatives are delivered in time and required standard. 

5. Shares the responsibility to maintain and control the accomplishment of HRGA initiatives.

6. Compile and create report summary of HRGA department to present to top management. 

7. Shares the responsibility to prepare, conduct and deliver great events that are related with not only HR matters but also the company’s big event.

Job Requirement :

1. Bachelor's degree in Business, Psychology, Education, and other relevant majors
2. Minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant field and with the same level.
3. Has the ability to design, manage team. 
4. Experience in system set up and HRIS implementation
5. English literate