Customer Oriented

Quality Policy

Our goal is to provide Quality Services with Best Solutions and Competitive Pricing, helping customers' business grow, achieving highest level of customers' experience and loyalty.

We are Comitted to

  • Building a highly motivated and passionate organization 

  • Investing in talent development 

  • Cultivating quality mindset among the employees 

  • Continuously improving our health, safety, and environment systems and performance 

  • Systematic process control and raising service standard through Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control

Our Corporate Stronghold

Forecastle, values it’s employees and has the best minds in the business, translating into employee loyalty, stability and commitment to our client’s needs.

Management’s commitment; financially sound and independent, with a lean management that is accessible to the client.


Attentiveness and respect for our customers’ product and requirements, as our universal company principle and guideline for each individual employee.


Traceability and Transparency along the Supply Chain – that is our responsibility to meet the perfect requirements of our customers.

Cost Effectiveness

The consistent industrialization of our company structure creates a competitive offer portfolio – and advantage for our customers.


  • Transparency in all our dealings. 

  • Respecting the dignity of individuals. 

  • Commitment to our people and our customers. 

  • Profitable global growth 

  • Responsible corporate and personal behavior. 

  • Excellence and innovation.


Forecastle’s business objective is to cater for the growing needs of the importers and exporters in Indonesia and to set a professional standard in the shipping industry.

We have widespread of contacts both locally and internationally. Being a locally owned Company, we enjoy high regards and top level contacts with important Authorities in the country such as Government Ministries, Port Authorities, and major Public and Private Sector Exporters and Importers. Therefore we are able to provide a trouble free service to our partners and clients, to take care of their interests with utmost efficiency.